Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lindy's Learning Lab #1

Hello all! Lindy Dreyer here, and I'm so honored to have been asked to post for PITV. In Lindy's Learning Lab, you'll get ideas about marketing and communications for associations. I might also throw in an occasional post about stuff like social media, engaging members, getting your 20-somethings involved and getting to WOW. For now, I hope you'll enjoy my first post, Three things to change about association marketing.

In this post, Lindy Dreyer suggests three ways to make your marketing more member-centric.

  1. Move away from campaign thinking toward ongoing conversations.
  2. Use new tools to listen more broadly and deeply.
  3. Take more responsibilty for the awesome member experience, focusing especially on event planning, product development and customer service.


#1 said...

Way to go #2! How can anything get done in todays global market without open lines of communication. I think also that inaddition to openess there also needs to be a place for feedback and revision. So many times in todays buisness problems arrise when a simple thought is not taken through to its end. Often the thought is passed on and passed on badly and that spells disaster in the market place. Here's a thought everybody take the time to breath. GOOD LUCK SIS.