Friday, March 28, 2008

Andrew Keen at Mahalo

You may remember a thought-provoking article by Andrew Keen in the social media issue of Associations Now. Keen, the Simon Cowell of web 2.0, is the man we love to hate and self-described "AntiChrist of Silicon Valley". His article generated plenty of conversation in the association blogoclump, as did his book, The Cult of the Amateur, in the blogosphere in general.

My posts here and here, Acronym here, Dana Theus here and Matt Baehr here, Acronym again here. (In vaguely chronological order).

This video is a full unedited discussion with Keen yesterday (3/27/08) in the offices of Mahalo, a new "people-powered" search engine and example of the front line of web 3.0. I was invited to watch the discussion just before it started via Twitter, and participated in the real-time chat which was in progress. BIG FUN.

The paradox here, of course, is that Keen would be nobody, and this talk would never have happened (or at least not with the 250 people watching via web feed), without the web 2.0 anarchic world (his adjective) that he hates so much.

Anyway the video loads instantly, so fast forward to the 45 minute mark, when Keen starts talking. He talks for about 20 minutes, then the floor is opened for questions, which are as always the most interesting part. Enjoy.