Friday, February 8, 2008

We put the "Social" in Social Networking

To all those who say that Social Networking is for people who can't maintain friendships in the real world, this video is for you!


Maddie Grant said...

I realized I totally did not make the point I wanted to make early on when Ben asked me what my take on this topic was! What I should have said, was that when Ben texted me to come and meet him and a group of ASAE members who had just come out of a meeting, he could just as easily have sent out a Twitter message, for example, reaching several people at once. And doing that enables members of an association to socialize AS WELL AS convene in an "official" way. And if your members are hanging out together and having a good time and becoming friends, that translates into engagement in the association itself, because of course people will look for more occasions to get together.

Matt Baehr said...

I can't believe that you guys didn't mention that I was there too. Granted, I had to run to catch a train, but I was there.

I met Maddie the same way, online first. As well as a slew of other folks: Lindy Dreyer, Andy Steggles, just to name a few.

You must have IRL experiences to cement the web 2.0 ones.