Monday, February 4, 2008

Maddie's Musings: Tip #2 - Don't forget the "Social" in "Social Networking"!

Somebody once said "Technology enables community!"

See if you can spot anyone you know in this video!

We had a good turnout of "association dorks" at our 80's Dance party after the ASAE Technology Conference, and I can categorically state that all of the people I know here I either met online first or through a txtmob. As a matter of fact, I had the great pleasure of meeting several online acquaintances for the first time in person at the conference itself - including fellow bloggers Kristi Donovan, Wes Trochlil and Tony Rossell.

So here's my tip: don't make the mistake of thinking social networking only happens online! Enabling your members to network online will only enhance the way they network in person.

Thanks to Lauren and Lindy for the video, which was done on the super cool Animoto site.


Lindy Dreyer said...

Great new blog. Seeing you guys speak makes reading your posts so much more personal.

Will you do a post addressing the fears that a lot of us have about letting go of control? I've heard the argument "control is an illusion" but I'm not sure it's persuasive enough to convince our executive team.